about our classes

Kick N' Kids


 This class helps develop coordination, motor skills, listening skills, and many more! This class is held on Tuesday's & Thursday's from 5:00-5:30 PM. (Ages 3-5)

Children's Beginners Class


Taekwondo helps keep our body conditioned as well as enhance our self-confidence, focus and stillness, strengthen mind and body & many more! This class is perfect for ages 6-11. 

Teens & Adults


It is a great opportunity to learn the art of Taekwondo, even for those who don't have experience. Being physically active is an important routine especially for Teens & Adults. 

Sparring Class


Taekwondo Sparring is a great way for kids & adults to gain confidence & apply their Taekwondo skills in a realistic environment, in addition, it promotes healthy competitive sportsmanship. It is the most exciting, dynamic, and fastest growing part of Taekwondo.


Weapons Class


Weapon Training usually has a combination of both techniques training and forms trainings. 

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join us every Friday night from 7:00-8:00 PM!